New website find: Ohh Dear

Hello! Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet for a couple of weeks. It all got a bit busy, and then I was on holiday, skiing in the French Alps.

Anyway, now I’m home, and back on it!

The other day, a friend tweeted a link to this website (thanks Gav, if you read this!) and having had a look, it’s got some GREAT stuff! It’s and it’s a collective of illustrators who sell their products. The good thing is that all the illustrators get a  cut of the sales, which I would imagine isn’t always the case in bigger companies.

Here are some of my favourites:


Needless to say, I’ve just put a big order in.

Now, do excuse me while I investigate their accessories section (they have collar clips with cats on them, enough said)…


Skull n Cross Phones

Ok, that doesn’t *quite* work, but I’m trying to illustrate is how brilliant these iPhone shaped notebooks are from Paperscreen, which I originally saw on Ed Jelley.

Such a good idea. Very geeky, but I think it would look very satisfying on my desk! Would also be great if they provided an elastic so you could hold your phone and notebook together in your bag.

And if this wasn’t cool enough, there’s also this guy:

There’s a certain man in my life who’d go nuts for this…

I tried to think of a wedding pun for ages and failed… So here’s a post on wedding cards!

My big brother is getting married tomorrow (!!) and in honour of this, and the fact that the wedding season has officially started, here are some of the internet’s best wedding cards:

Floral Congrats Card form Rifle Paper Co.

Gummy ring card from Paperchase. A personal favourite! In fact, I’ve given this one a couple of times now so I probably can’t give it again! It’s very cute though…

Just Married card by Rifle Paper Co. (who get a right again!)

Pop Up Dove card by O-Check, from Katy & June

And so it’s not all too lovey DOVEy (^^^^ geddit?!)

From Craft Colorfully on Etsy.

P-Push it real good: a push pin post

This post was inspired by this cork globe:

Cork Globe by Suck UK

It was designed by Chiaki Kawakami for Suck UK and can be used as both a globe to document your travels on, or as a normal pin board.

This got me thinking about push pins, and here are some of the best ones I found:
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Clip bored…

Generally I think of clipboards as this:

Blue PVC Clipboard from Ryman

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that I suppose, but it’s pretty boring and doesn’t inspire me much.

Then recently, I came across this picture…

Designed by Susanna Vento and photographed by Kristiina Kurronen on Wave Avenue.

…and saw how great clipboards can look! They can be used really effectively to display things, whether it’s art; you could clip a print in one, instead of a frame, or postcards you get sent, or pick up in galleries… Or if you have the sort of job where you have several projects on at once, you could use them as little mood boards to keep all your thoughts I order. Or for blog ideas! If only I had my own office at home…

I’ve also picked out some of “the internet”‘s coolest clip boards (yeah, that’s right, they CAN be cool!):
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Pilot Pen Set… Help!

Am I going mental?! I have such a vivid memory of a Pilot Pen Set that my best friend got for Christmas when we were younger… Maybe 10 or, so this is mid ’90s. I was SO jealous. It was an assorted set that had every pilot pen you could possibly dream about… or at least it felt like it at the time. Anyway, I thought, this would be a good one to write a post on; see what was in the sets, if they still exist etc…

HOWEVER, I can’t find any record of such a thing of the internet anywhere! And I’m quite good a googling. I’m so baffled. I though it was “a thing”. Maybe I made it up… My boyfriend says he remembers them too, but I’m not sure if he’s just humouring me.

So reader, does anyone else know what I’m talking about? Did anyone ever have one? Worth a shot I suppose…