Williamsburg Flea Market

Last NYC post for a while I promise!! But before I shut up about my trip, I just wanted to share my  visit to the Williamsburg Flea Market.

On our last day we got the subway over to Brooklyn, specifically Williamsburg, and wandered around the shops, before having brunch cocktails at The Bedford, and tipsily heading to the flea market for a rummage.

It wasn’t  as big as I was expecting it would be but there was still plenty to see. In fact, I think if there was any more it would have been a bit overwhelming.



There was so much great stuff to look through, in fact it was quite good knowing I was just looking for stationery or I wouldn’t have known where to start! I also ate  GREAT doughnut, but that’s by the by (seriously though, it was amazing).

I only spent $15 but I found some really interesting things. I was going to put them all in this post, but I think each one has a bit of a story and shoving them all in here wouldn’t do them justice, so over a few days next week, I’ll share them with you…

Flea Market Finds #1: Antique Advertising Dip Pens
Flea Market Finds #2: NFL Pencils by Faber Castell
Flea Market Finds #3: Wooden & Brass Extendable Rule


New York Stationery Shop Crawl

Most people probably do a bar crawl if they go to New York for the first time. Not me, I did a stationery store crawl.

I didn’t see as many as I would’ve liked to, as we had limited time, but here’s what I did see:

Greenwich Letterpress
Greenwich Letterpress is a lovely little store in the West Village. It specialises in – you guessed it – letterpress cards. There are walls full of them:

But they also have other stationery/gift bits. The really cute displays are kind of untidy, creating a bit of a jumble sale feel, which entices you in to have a rummage.

They also do a bespoke service, for wedding stationery etc.

Paper Source
There are several Paper Sources throughout the US and I checked out the New York – Soho one. As a Brit, I think the best way to describe Paper Source is that it’s very similar to Paperchase. Lots of gift wrapping, cards, gifts and crafty things. Although one thing it has that Paperchase doesn’t is a brilliant stamp section:

It has a great coloured paper/envelope section:

And the wrapping paper section was SO GOOD. I would have bought tons of it, but, I think it would have been pretty difficult to get it back to the UK without it getting all bent up.

papersource4 papersource5 papersource6

I went to Cursive New York in the ABC Carpet & Home concession. It was a little tricky to find in the store as there were so many different concessions, but I was glad once I had. They have really great stuff. I’m afraid I didn’t take many pictures in there, but here are a couple of things which liked:
Lots of lovely notebooks etc.

They had sets of vintage pencils, which I thought was a nice idea (although it maybe would have been better if they were all graphite pencils, rather than random colouring pencils, as I don’t know how useful that it…).

They also have a shop at Grand Central Street station.

So that’s what I managed to see in my short time there, but I’ll definitely be back to find more! Are there any more you’d recommend?


Anthropologie presents: TAPED

On Saturday in New York, after wandering over the High Line, we thought we have a quick look around Chelsea market, and what did I find in the Anthropologie store, but a whole MT Tape extravaganza!

They had carts full of amazing washi tape throughout the shop.

The whole of the downstairs of the shop had been decorated using MT tape. They called it Tape Bombing. A kind of guerrilla stationery art I guess. There was also a workshop by Koji Iyama, Japanese washi tape artist (yes, that’s a thing).

Boxes and boxes of beautiful tape…


And examples of how you can use MT tape to decorate everyday items.

And, I’m pretty proud of my restraint here, I only bought ONE (it is a bloody good one though eh?). It was $5.


Sorry I’ve been quiet for a few days, my amazing boyfriend took me to New York for a surprise weekend!

As you would imagine, as soon as I arrived I started my research on the best stationery shops in NYC. I did  a few shop (or should I stay store) visits, as well a fruitful trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market, and I’ll be posting on all of these over the next couple of weeks. But to start with, for great stationery, I had to look no further than my hotel room in the super cool ACE Hotel.

Simply designed with a slightly industrial feel (like the rest of the hotel), what I think is cleverest about the letterhead paper/envelopes is that they use stamps for the address, meaning that they are easily adaptable for each hotel (they have other locations such as Seattle, LA and just down the road from me in Shoreditch, London).

And because I assume lots of musicians stay there, they even supply music paper.

The hotel info  folder is made the Rite in the Rain folks, who I featured here.

And one of my  favourite things is this Stanley Bostitch pencil sharpener. I really want one… Even though I don’t actually have a desk to attach it to at the moment.

Nice one ACE, I like your style!


Hobonichi Planner 2014: Update

As my Hobonichi Planner 2014 post has been one of my most popular posts to date, and we are now, well, THIS much through the year

P1040361I thought it was time for an update.

Now, I would absolutely love to be decorating my Hobonichi as brilliantly as these guys, but I just don’t have time (I wish I’d had one when I was a student!). So instead, I mainly use it as a normal appointment diary, but I only use pencil:
And then if and when I have time I go back and write up my day properly, like this:
But that’s about as arty as I gets I’m afraid.

I also just wanted to highlight a few of my favourite features:
Dot grid paper in the notes section (which I’d actually  forgotten about until today)

Drinking Tea around the World pages. Love this, and there’s also a Sushi guide and “How to Use Chopsticks” guide.

And then there’s the quotes that are on every double page.

Some are just good advice/pearls of wisdom

Some are more specific to diaries/journals

In case you can't read this, it says: The trick to a daily diary is to "record, don't recall". You'll forget things that you wanted to remember, so take notes and organise them later. Wise words indeed!

In case you can’t read this, it says: The trick to a daily diary is to “record, don’t recall”. You’ll forget things that you wanted to remember, so take notes and organise them later. Wise words indeed!

And some, are just… well… RANDOM (!)

So, in short, I love it, and am getting on really well with it. The only one thing I’d like is a bookmark ribbon that you usually get with a diary. But I understand that this comes with the covers you’re meant to put on your Hobonichi (I didn’t want one because they were a bit bulky for my handbag and I prefer the simplicity of the book alone).

New Brand Find: by | n

Uber cool Japanese design studio Nendo have launched their own stationery line, under their in house brand “by | n”. My boyfriend has always admired their furniture, so he’s had his eye on them for a while and we were excited to see them going down the stationery route, for obvious reasons.

Here are my favourite picks from the collection:

Contrast Ruler

The contrast ruler works so that measurements can be seen if you are using light or dark paper – useful!

Cubic Rubber Band

The Cubic Rubber Band is easy to find in a drawer, would look good on a desk and perfect for holding rolled up paper.

Outline Tray

I think this is really clever actually. As Nendo point out, you don’t often carry around your pot of paperclips from your desk do you? The bottom isn’t really needed, so these little desk tidies (or frames, as they call them) are useful, without using wasted material.

Those are my favourites, but you can see the whole range on the Nendo website. It seems like they were available for international import from April 2014, but after doing some digging, I haven’t actually seen anyone selling them yet…