Parcel labels, and lots of them

As I mentioned in my last post, I found a great independent stationers (which I can’t remember the name of and isn’t google-able). As well as cards, I’ll also grabbed a couple of bundles of parcel tags, which were a total bargain! The manilla bundle (of about 50) was £3.25 and the Turquoise bundle (also about 50) was £2.50 – amazing, right?!

I’m not sure quite what I’ll end up doing with them but for earlier I made them into a small “work of art”:


Aaaaand, then I messed them up again:

Anyone got any creative/fun/interesting/useful/crafty ideas of what I could you use them for?



  1. I don’t know why but I kinda got excited about these…parcel tags. As for what to do with them, hmmm other than the obvious as gift tags, what about decorate into bookmarks? Or make a little board with pins and write little things on them, that you shouldn’t forget…plans and ideas for future blogs?
    Or…or…make it a game with the other half or a friend and make them into “vouchers”, ‘cept you don’t know what you’re pulling out. Could be a cup of tea or a dinner…

  2. I like to use them on presents too – when it was my boyfriend’s 21st a few years ago I bought him 21 presents and labeled them each with a little poem using these. Love the green ones, very unusual!

  3. You could also use them on handmade cards – you could either stamp/write the sentiment on them, or use them as part of the design. Or, you could scribble a note or a little art, and leave them somewhere for someone else to enjoy as found art 🙂

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