My last birthday present and a reason to visit Paris

This is my last birthday present I’ll be writing about – promise! (this year anyway…)

This time from my friend Annie who found a couple of items for me when she went to Paris. Apologies in advance for the photos – a thunderstorm rolled in just as I set up so the lighting is terrible!

I’ve seen these pens “Color On You” pens from Korean brand LiveWork before, and although they look great (the different colours they come in are listed on the packaging above – not sure about the one called “mayonnaise” though…), I’ve never been that interested as they just seem like a normal ballpoint pen. However, after writing with it, I absolutely love it!P1040702
I assumed that a 0.7mm would be really thick but this has a pleasingly thin line and feels really nice to write with.

She also got me this card:P1040705
It’s by Papier Tigre, who I now am totally in love with… It’s a great geometric design – I’m not sure if it’s a French things but I noticed that Season Paper Collection also leave a blank space on the front of cards, to allow you to write “Happy Birthday” or ‘Congrats!” or whatever the occasion on them. Which is a nice idea.  I really like to logo on the envelope too.
Papier Tigre have a shop in Paris. I have been to France probably at least 20 times but have somehow still never been to Paris!

This shop gives me even more reason to make it happen! Now, excuse me while I go and look at Eurostar tickets…


A quick picture post: coloured pencils

Picture by TablinumCarlson on Flickr

Not much time for posts this week! So before I get back on it, here’s a great picture of some coloured pencils, sharpened the old school way, the way my dad still does it.

Stationery Organised Neatly: Turquoise


Inspired by Things Organised Neatly, here is the first in what I hope will be a new series of my stationery organised neatly, by colour. First up, turquoise. This one was VERY easy for me, as most things I own are turquoise (this is just a small selection).

Items are as follows:
Stencil: Linex Standard Lettering Stencil, £1.47, Fred Aldous
Notebook: Mini Graph Notebook, £2.50, Smug
Scissors: Trojka, pack of 3, £0.80, Ikea
Set of 3 stamps, and 2 ink pads: Donna Wilson, approx. £5 from sample sale
2 x washi tape: light turquoise, £3, grey turquoise, 50p, both from Smug
Berol Fine Liner: I’ve had this for ages so no idea of shop/cost, but they seem to be about £3 for 2.
Pilot V Sign Pen, £3.22 from Pilot