Knitter’s Notebook


This little beauty arrived yesterday! It’s a knitter’s notebook, £10 by True Brit Knits.

I saw it the other day on The Well Appointed Desk (thanks!) and had to order one. I really like the simplicity of the foil on the front and here’s what’s on the inside:

The inside cover has a knitting glossary, and the paper is graph on  one side and plain on the other. So you sketch out designs and then use the graph to draw your own patterns. I’ve written before about using grid paper for fairisle patterns/grids and I’ll definitely find this useful! Oh, and the pages are perforated, always good.

Here’s a close up of the glossary:

And this last feature I find REALLY useful, as I often forget/can’t find my tape measure:


Grid lines (you know you want it…)

I LOVE GRID LINES! I don’t know why as I hate maths, but they do seem to be an obsession of mine. I think it comes from when I had a a grid note pad at uni and used to spend lectures doodling in the squares. Anyway, since then, I never went back!

Here’s prime example of me using grid lines; this morning I have been drawing a pattern to knit in baby hat:


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