Rifle Paper Co.’s New Website

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 14.43.08

Pretty dreamy isn’t it? I love the redesign and going on the site is very dangerous as I want EVERYTHING! How that they even made a boring old legal pad look desirable?!

I just a quick look look through the new pages and these are my top picks:

Certificate of Awesome $4.50

Passport notebook, set of two, $10

Legal Notepad, $8

City Toile Wrapping Paper, 3 sheets, $8.50

I Pine For You Card, $4.50

This last one is mainly because I’m currently in the middle of a fairly intense addiction to Pineapple…

Anyway, nice one Rifle Paper Co! As usual, all your stuff is GORGEOUS.

The School of Life: Mood Notebooks

A friend was showing me the sights in Stoke Newington a couple of weeks ago and we wandered into a really sweet shop called Search & Rescue. It has loads of great stuff, but of course I was drawn straight to the stationery section.

I was looking for a present for my soon-to-be-qualified-as-a-teacher best friend, and I found what I thought was the perfect lesson planning notebook from The School of Life:


I really should have taken a better picture, sorry,  I only remembered at the very last minute before I gave it away. That note on the front is something I added too – not part of it (for those wondering it says ‘For an organised Miss Moore/Mrs Stebbings’  – she’s getting married this year too!).

It’s from a series of 3 Mood Books; Productive, Daring and Sceptical. Here’s some better pictures of the details:

Really nice exposed binding down the spine.

Bright, fun illustrations in the inside covers (that apparently provoke the appropriate mood).

The paper is plain, and the top of each page prompts you to write the date, time and your mood, which is a nice touch.

Price: £15

BTW, in case anyone is wondering, yes, this is the Alain de Botton School of Life, who, well… I don’t know how to explain what they do… Luckily they do though: ‘The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture.’  They also have a few other thoughtfully designed (naturally) stationery that I really like, such as these:

School of thought notebooks, £15 for 3

And these:

Keyword pencil set, £12

Knitter’s Notebook


This little beauty arrived yesterday! It’s a knitter’s notebook, £10 by True Brit Knits.

I saw it the other day on The Well Appointed Desk (thanks!) and had to order one. I really like the simplicity of the foil on the front and here’s what’s on the inside:

The inside cover has a knitting glossary, and the paper is graph on  one side and plain on the other. So you sketch out designs and then use the graph to draw your own patterns. I’ve written before about using grid paper for fairisle patterns/grids and I’ll definitely find this useful! Oh, and the pages are perforated, always good.

Here’s a close up of the glossary:

And this last feature I find REALLY useful, as I often forget/can’t find my tape measure:

New Brand Find: MUCU


My boyfriend bought me a really nice little notepad for Christmas – he knows stationery is the way to my heart! (He also bought me Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats which was a TOTAL dream come true and I have wanted for years, but that’s a different story!!!).

As you can see it’s a reporter style flip notepad, secured with a fabric elastic band. When you open up, it’s a ring-bound, grid pad.

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